Designing of a reforestation evaluation method. Creation of an Open Web Tool

C.4 Action
Implementation actions

Life Nieblas has outsourced the programming and production of an Open Web Tool (OWT). This resource is meant to help technicians and private stakeholders anywhere in the world through their decision-making process when looking into applying any methodology used at Life Nieblas.

On the one hand the OWT seeks to develop a cross-benefit analysis of the resources available individualised for every organisation, institutions or individual from an economic, HR, landscape characteristics, climatic conditions, terrain access, etc. On the other hand, the OWT will return recommendations based on a database fed by any individual/organisation that inputs data into the tool. Such recommendations will include reforestation methodology to implement, watering requirements, manpower needed, fuel consumption expected, budgetary framework, etc.

At February 2023, the OWT is almost completed with a full IT team working in the final stages of programming with expectations to test beta versions in the coming month.

Action status

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