Environmental, social and economic indicators selection. Monitoring protocols

A.2 Action
Preparatory actions to develop the project

Environmentally, the core concerns are; water availability, habitat disturbance or destruction with special attention to protected species, air pollution and noise. The former is considered negligible since it is estimated that 100% of the water will be sourced from the atmospheric water harvesters. In terms of habitat damage, only mechanical removal of alien species will take place avoiding the usage of pesticides, etc. Furthermore, the harvesters do not require terrain transformation nor the use of heavy machinery for their installation, preventing negative effects on the soil. During the development process of this project, preventive measures will be placed and regularly monitored to ensure minimal environmental impact in terms of waste, soil, water and biodiversity. As per air and noise, human wellbeing is the main concern. For this, noise or air pollution thresholds (dust, GHG emissions) as determined by current regulation, will not be breached.

Socially, Life-Nieblas expects to attract attention from partners, national public bodies and at EU level, and to generate public engagement through the cultural and environmental interest that this project will raise. All the data, and results collected from this project will be communicated through several channels such as webs, leaflets, books and technical consulting that will help the public learn the techniques developed and apply them thereafter. Moreover, Life-Nieblas will have an economic impact from the generation of several new jobs during the construction and reforestation phases and also afterwards, with the monitoring and maintenance of the cloudforest as well as the touristic attraction that this new forest may generate.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.