Monitoring and project performance indicators

D.1 Action
Monitoring of the Impact of the project actions

The performance indicators, fundamental piece of this project, are divided in 5 subcategories: deliverables, reforestation, climate change objectives, socioeconomic effects and Life Key Project indicators 2019 that ensure the sound completion and success of Life-Nieblas.

As per March 2022, the project has encountered several delays in terms of deliverable submission. Mostly due to the 2020-21 COVID pandemic and the resulting bureaucratic, logistics and HR limitations rose from the global lockdown. Nevertheless, project has gone ahead and reports have been delivered at the earliest and most efficient manner possible.

Until May 2022, compliance with the submission of deliverables (50%) and milestones (61%) has resulted satisfactory as per mid-term report.  Further details in terms of indicators relating to the expected results from the project, can be read in the tables developed for action D.1 in the Mid-term report. Data related to climate objectives are still underdevelopment and require further data gathering and analysis to be updated. Results relating to Life Nieblas’ socioeconomic impact have been presented in the Mid-term report and have been successfully complied with. Additionally, some aspects have also been surmounted by project prior expectations. Finally, KPIs have been updated as required at the time of the Mid-term submission with a clear impact on most aspects by May 2022.

Final update of the performance indicators will be done towards the end of project final report in 2024.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.