Promotional and dissemination material

E.1 Action
Communication and dissemination of results

Firstly, a website domain with the name ‘Life-Nieblas’ will be created in order to encourage dissemination and information exchange between stakeholders and beneficiaries. Secondly, information boards in Spanish, Portuguese and English will be generated to give wider public access to the project’s objectives. Thirdly, a variety of leaflets (in Spanish, Portuguese and English) as well as freebies will be given away in order to gain the buy-in of the public. Furthermore, a technical manual to allow the replication of reforestation typologies used, will target technical public in the three languages aforementioned in paper or digital copies. Finally, a Layman report will be put together in an informative language (Spanish/English and Portuguese/English) which will be submitted to the European Commission for their distribution.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.