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E.1 Action
Communication and dissemination of results

Life Nieblas’ communication and dissemination is one of the priority aims of this project and as such, the beneficiary team has launched a Life-Nieblas’ website ( Accordingly, different communication tools have been used and then published in the website. 

A Facebook page @life+grancanria and an Instagram profile @lifenieblas have been opened and managed since January 2021. A youtube channel 'Life Nieblas' and a quarterly newsletter are often updated in order to keep both technical and general public informed of the latest developments as well as training and informative videos.

Additionally, 4 information boards boards have been installed at the working sites shared between our three locations (El Pinillo, Carregal do Sal and Vouzela). This pannel can be found following the link below 'Information Boards'.

Life Nieblas team continues to communicate latest developments, results and conclusions drawn from this project. An asorted sample of the work developed during the last two years of porject can seen following the multiple videos, news and documents below 




  • Life-Nieblas opening

    Our Environmental Technician introduces the project in the action area at El Andén, Gran Canaria 


    Field work begins!


    Today we talk to Mila, one of our specialist field workers. We hear more about her role and the acting zone in Gran Canaria 

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    Rai, Gran Canaria Council

    Rai, one of the Coordinator of the Natural Landscape where Life-Nieblas takes place, gives an insight of what Gran Canaria Council role is in this innovative project.

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    Nursery relevance in forest survival

    Eli, Nursery Supervisor, has kindly talked to Life-Nieblas and explained why her nursery is essential in the survival of our forest. She tells us about two different methods of tree replication: seed germination and wild seedling picking. This delicate yet relevant job, can draw the difference between a successful or unsuccessful reforestation plan. Osorio Nursery is one of the two nurseries in Gran Canaria helping Life-Nieblas to get the trees they need to plant 36ha of bare ground


    Wind Tunnel

    One of our project goals is to improve the efficiency of the traditional design of Fog Water Collectors (FWC). In this regard, our partners from ICIA and ULL are working in the modeling and lab testing of FWC prototypes, trying out different materials , fog density and wind speeds.

    The result of these tests will provide a FWC with higher collecting efficiency and lower infrastructure requirements.

    We will keep a close eye in what our partners will develop!

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.