Replication and transfer Plan

E.4 Action
Communication and dissemination of results

For this action to take place, the overall project would need to be at advanced stage of development. The starting date for this action to kicks off in 2022 after a rescheduling of the action (initially planned for 2024 final quarter). On the other hand, technicians are also visiting field in terms of replication project potential. In November 2021, a privately owned site was visited in order to establish potential for the use of FWCs and other methods.

Additionally, technicians have undertaken some replication field work in Osorio and Fuente Fría where Fog Water collectors were installed in April 2022 (all locations in Gran Canaria).

On December 2022, the Agrarian Research and Development Institute (INIDA) from Cape Verde have shown interest in the innovative-FWC developed in Life Nieblas. Future synergies between organisations will facilitate the export or our fog collector design which would provide remote local farmers and a small primary school with clean sourced water.

Life Nieblas’ partners from NewLife4Drylands visited our site in a bid to initiate possible collaborations involving fog water collection in the Greek islands (Feb 2023). NewLife4Drylands is involved with Life Nieblas in sense of remote sensing, collaborating with CREAF and UAB in the analyses of soil quality and vegetation cover by means of remote sensing technology. From such collaboration, further projects may rise due to the sustainable technological development that Life Nieblas is currently studying and developing.

Furthermore, Life Nieblas has recently (Feb 2023) been officially invited to participate in Life PRIMED (as consultants) a project focusing in habitat restoration between Italy and Greece. Life PRIMED partners have realised the potential of our newly developed fog water collectors and are interested in further consultation by Life Nieblas as to figure out whether such technology could be efficiently implemented at their current development areas. Future visits will be paid by Life Nieblas to Life PRIMED and resulting resolutions will be updated as required. It is worth mentioning that such collaboration opportunity rose from the event days at ECOISLAS (see action E.3) which underlines the importance and relevance that such events can play.

Life Nieblas continues to develop its national and international relations, pushing for wider networking connections that would generate synergies in benefit of habitat restoration.


Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.