Replication of reforestation by external stakeholders

C.3 Action
Implementation actions

The ultimate goal at Life Nieblas is to transfer and replicate all technological and technical developments made in the field of fog collection to promote sustainable development. To achieve this goal, the project has participated in several events and established partnerships with different organizations.

One of these events was the international summit on climate change, EcoIslas, which brought together many professionals, public organizations, private companies, and researchers to discuss challenges related to climate change and promote sustainable development policies. This event allowed Life Nieblas to connect with stakeholders and encourage collaboration to promote sustainable solutions.

Some stakeholders have shown interest in replicating this project, and collaboration agreements with different organizations may occur. For instance, the Cabildo de Tenerife has already used 130 cocoons in arid lands following Life Nieblas recommendations. Cabildo de Gran Canaria has also turned to Life Nieblas for various potential projects in Lanzarote Island. In Osorio and Fuente Fría (Gran Canaria) FWCs have been installed in collaboration with Life Nieblas. Similarly another location in Gran Canaria, Antona, was evaluated for its replication potentiality in 2021, where the use of Cocoon and AFDS was recommended due to absence of continuous fog in the area.

In November 2021, technicians visited a farmer property at one of the highest points in Gran Canaria (Cumbre). He contacted Life Nieblas for an assessment to potentially install FWCs on this farm. Plans ahead are to deliver some FWCs prototypes (smaller versions of the traditional deign) to this area in order for the private landowner to take advantage of fog presence at his property.

Life Nieblas has also established partnerships with organizations outside the Canary Islands, particularly in the Catalonia region by the CREAF, where several reforestation projects use fog collectors provided by Life Nieblas. Other replication projects are underway in Spain, such as the green corridor of the CIRIANA association in Malaga, which plans to use fog water collectors to create a green corridor.

Outside of Spain, Greek partners from Newlife4Drylands project have met with Life Nieblas to discuss replication projects for 2023. Similarly, INIDA from Cape Verde has shown interest in the project, particularly in the new i-FWC, which could be used to power a remote primary school and small agricultural lands.

Other stakeholders have also expressed interest in replicating this project, including Tamadaba S.L., Foresta Foundation, and the University of Calabria, among others.

Life Nieblas project promotes fog collection and has established partnerships with different organizations to replicate the technological and technical development achieved so far. Through the project's website, stakeholders have access to all the documentation generated, which among other things includes protocols, presentations of the equipment, impact calculation methods, etc.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.