Meet our Team


  • Gustavo V.

    Gustavo Viera Ruiz

    Project Director

    As an overarching responsible for this project, Gustavo oversees all technical aspects in order to ensure a sound delivery of the actions and providing a centralised organisational figure within the diffrent teams (nationally and intenationally) that compose Life-Nieblas. 

  • Saúl

    Saúl Oliva Cabrera

    Environmental Technician

    As direct support to the Project Director, Saúl is both office and field based. He oversees Life Actions' reporting compliance and data gathering. In the field, he manages ground work and is a direct link beetwen field workers, the office and EU Commission Monitors. 

  • Nisha

    Nisha Matani Matani

    Financial Technician

    Project Financial Manager within the Environmental and Climate Change Area since 2017. Nisha is also specialised in the financial and administrative management of partners involved in LIFE projects coordinated by GESPLAN. By assessing partners in bureaucratic processes, reports and expenses control, Nisha ensures compliance within LIFE regulation framework.

  • team

    Field Workers

    Skilled field workers

    They are highly experienced and key crew members who are in charge of executing field clearing and conditioning. They are also in charge of reforestation and ground maintenance activities.

Cabildo de Gran Canaria

  • Rainero Brandon

    Rainero Brandon

    Coordinator, Cabildo de Gran Canaria

    Director of the Natural Landscape where the project is being developed.

  • Francisco

    Francisco González Artiles

    Technician at Cabildo de Gran Canaria

    Environmental Technician of the Natural Lanscape where the project is being developed in Gran Canaria 

Comunidad Intermunicipal Viseu Dão Lafões

  • Paula P.

    Paula Pereira

    Environmental Technician

    Paula is responsible for the planning and development, as well supporting the administrative management of the project at Portugal level

  • Rui

    Rui Fontoura

    Forestry Brigades Leader

    Technician responsible for the implementation and operation works of the project at the field


  • Vicenç

    Vicenç Carabassa Closa


    Leading monitoring protocols’ design and scientific supervision of the project.

Heredad de Aguas de Arucas y Firgas

  • Yeray

    Yeray M. Hernández Santana


    Financial and labour supervisor of the works entrusted to Heredad de Aguas de Arucas y Firgas in this project

  • Cristobal

    Cristobal Santana Olivares

    HAAF Field Foreman

    Managing field crew works within HAAF land

  • Mino


    Field Manager

    As Field Manager, Mino has dedicated his life to oversee HAAF ground management 


  • Carlos M. Regalado

    Dr. Carlos M. Regalado

    Project Coordinator

    Hydrologist with a long research trajectory in the cloud forests of the Canary Islands. He is involved in the design of an efficient fog water collector to be implemented in the project.

  • Alfredo Reyes Betancort

    Dr. Alfredo Reyes Betancort


    He provides support in protocols and activities of the Project Coordinator. As Canary Islands specialist botanist, he is involved in field campaigns where field testing takes place.

  • Fcorrea

    Fermín Correa Rodríguez

    Media Technician

    He will provide technical support on multimedia content such as diffusion in social media, method transfer actions and general audiovisual communications support.

  • Cfariña

    Carlos Fariña Carballo


    Carlos is a recently graduated Industrial Engineer who will be in charge of the design and testing of an 'Optimized Fog Water Collector', operating the wind tunnel and 3D printer at the lab as well as carrying out field testing.

  • Norberto


    Field Data Analist

    He is in charge of maintenance, supervision and data collection at the field experimental site for the fog water collectors, meteorological station and other scientific instrumentation.


  • A ortegon

    Antonio Ortegón Gallego

    Technician 3 - Computing & Data Communication

    Antonio participates in the installation of meteorological and soil moisture sensors, managing data acquisition and quality as well as providing reports of average or accumulated values ​​under the requirements established by the rest of the scientific team in compliance  with project’s objectives.

  • G martel

    Gilberto Martel Rodríguez

    Coordinating Technician

    He carries out coordination tasks at ITC and along project partners. He supervises decision-making in the project regarding technical solutions and is responsible for preparing reports and following up on project’s activities. Gilberto coordinates results communication from ITC activities in the project.

  • Gustavo M.

    Gustavo Melián Monroy

    Technician 1 - Specialist in Hydraulic Assemblies

    Gustavo participates in actions related to the design, manufacture, installation and ADS and its irrigation network. Additionally, he participates in the design of the pipeline connections between fog collectors, reservoirs, ADS and the irrigation network for reforestation overall.

  • Carmelomena

    Carmelo A. Mena

    Technician 2 - Specialist in Environmental Indicators

    Carmelo works in the processing, analysis and visualization of data generated by the different sensors located on site, tasks related to GIS and in the design of the AFDS irrigation network developed by the ITC team.


  • maría

    María León González

    BSc Physics Graduate

    María is responsible for data management derived from the instrumentation installed in Cruz de Taborno for which she is also responsible. In particular, María will focus on the Eddy Covariance system used to analyse water vapour and CO2 exchange between the soil, tree cover and the atmosphere.

  • María Teresa Arencibia Pérez

    María Teresa Arencibia Pérez


    Cooperating with ICIA in action C1, specifically in what refers to the wind tunnel construction targeted to the study of fog water collection and innovation in fog collectors technology development.


  • Axel

    Axel Ritter

    Professor at ULL

    Researches in woodland water and CO2 exchange fluxes and fog hydric contribution to the soil.

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)

  • xdomene

    Xavier Domene Casadesús


    Professor Xavier is a Soil Science specialist working for the Department of Plant Biology, Animal Biology and Ecology at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Within Life-Nieblas he will look into characterization and interpretation of soils in the experimental plots in terms of physicochemical properties as related to the observed restoration success.