40 i-FWC installed in La Gomera


i-FWC gomera

Life Nieblas consistently collaborates with public institutions in expanding sustainable methods for resource management. The Cabildo Insular de La Gomera, in its effort to improve access to water in remote locations, has relied on innovative fog water collectors, named i-FWC, developed within our project by ICIA and ULL. We celebrate the 40 i-FWC that this institution has installed in the north of the island.


As a European project, it is a great honour to see how our systems are recognized and utilized across the islands, national, and European territories. Within Life Nieblas, we advocate for participation and collaboration among institutions, projects, and the general public, making our experience and technical knowledge accessible to all citizens.


We look forward to continuing to forge collaborations that bring sustainable practices to the forefront of technical solutions in the agro-forestry sector.