Agriculture reach out!


Part of Life Nieblas goals is to transfer water capturing technology into the rural environment in a way that would help farmers in water sourcing. We are talking specifically about remote areas where often, connection to main water supply or pumping water from wells is costly, impracticable or, in occasions, non-existent. 

Farmers require of significant amounts of water in order to grow crops and feed cattle. However, access to fresh water in mid-range altitudes as it often occurs in The Canary Islands, can be challenging. Life-Nieblas then is extending their reach out to local farmers who have shown interest in the use of Fog Water Collectors technology.

We aim to provide local agriculture businesses with the means to produce a more sustainable, cheap and reliable source of fresh water. It is highly important that farmers in remote locations become self-sufficient, sustainable and efficient in order to lift pressure off from the agricultural industry itself. Additionally, implementing this technology into agricultural areas will also encourage reduction on GHG emissions.

Life Nieblas has started closely working in a rural area located within a highly fog affected land. Technicians are collaborating with a local farmer in Gran Canaria providing with technical advice and technological resources in partnership with Gran Canaria Council.