Biflores collaboration with GESPLAN – NGO visits Life Nieblas and GESPLAN.


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🌳 For the last couple of week, Life Nieblas has hosted a group of ambitious environmental advocates from Cape Verde. The team of three works for Biflores , an NGO devoted to habitat restoration and biodiversity protection at Brava Island. Brava is one of the most isolated islands in the Cape Verde archipelago and thus, access to resources can be challenging and often limited.

🤝 Collaboration with Life Nieblas has allowed Biflores learn about new reforestation methodologies and fog water collection technology. Brava’s environment shares many similarities with Gran Canaria in terms of land degradation, risks of desertification, exotic species management and challenges in access to potable water in remote locations among others. During the two-week visit, Biflores not only took good notes of reforestation methodologies and strategies implemented in Life Nieblas but also had a chance to visit many other projects developed by GESPLAN.

👷‍♂️ Along with Life Nieblas, GESPLAN colleagues’ presented projects currently taking place in Gran Canaria such as; Stop Culebra Real , Masdunas and Gran Canaria Mosaico . Biflores’ team had the chance to visit many of the areas where these projects are being implemented, learning first hand from the field teams and project managers.

🌿 Furthermore, a visit was paid to the Botanical Garden in Las Palmas (Jardín Canario) where its Director kindly offered a toured visit to all the assistants. Having an insight of the technologies used, research conducted and installations required (from nurseries to laboratories), has given our colleagues from Biflores a glance of how projects could begin to work in the island of Brava while helping strengthen ties between Gran Canaria and Cape Verde.

🌍 Life Nieblas’ team is highly motivated in spreading the knowledge gained during the last 3 years of work. Hence, our partnership with colleagues from Biflores will result beneficial for both sides. Making natural restoration and sustainable agro-forestry management a reality is an objective shared that keeps us motivated to fight for environmental development.