Canarias 7 talks about the CINEA visit


Life Nieblas Canarias7

In this article published by Canarias 7, the recent visit of the European Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and Environment, commonly known as CINEA, is presented. They were able to visit several LIFE projects in Gran Canaria. These projects work for the restoration of the environment and have offered CINEA monitors the opportunity to check on the  different methods of environmental restoration that are being implemented in Gran Canaria.

CINEA monitors were informed about the benefits of water capture systems and their contribution to environmental protection when visiting Life Nieblas. The visitors also had the opportunity to visit the Post-Life project Rabiche, focused on reintroducing a species that disappeared from Gran Canaria, the Rabiche pigeon. The last visited project was Life Guguy, which focuses on the planting and reintegration of the Canary juniper.

Cabildo has been leading many different projects in recent years with the interest of the European Commission and the help of public institutions, research centers, universities, and private entities. The success of these projects shows that particular actions can be taken to protect the environment, allowing us to continue working on these initiatives and to consider the development of new projects in the future.

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