Execution of traditional and innovative reforestation UPDATE


Life Nieblas

You can now read Action C.2 ‘Execution of traditional and innovative reforestation’ report following the link below. Technical developments and implementation actions in the field are detailed within this document.

During the four years that this action will take place, ground work done, developments implemented, and challenges found and solutions proposed and implemented are described in detail from the beginning of works in Feb 2021 until April 2022 related to this particular action. At the time of publishing this news, Action C.2 is an ongoing action. This means that the current report is not the final update of the action. A final update will be done at end of project in December 2024

This document is divided in three ‘sub-actions’: The first one looks into the planning, project and installation of traditional Fog Water Collectors (FWC) including its building, ground conditioning and pipeline network from FWCs to water tanks. The second sub-action describes the works undertaken by nurseries and Specialised Field Workers (SFW) in terms of seedlings reproduction, seeds collection and species used (parameters further described in Action A.1 technical report). The final point focuses on the description of the different reforestation methods used in this project as well as the rate of implementation, areas used, etc. this will also include details in the production and installation of Innovative Fog Water Collectors. SFWs’ ground conditioning activities, developments, challenges found and solutions implemented are also detailed in this action.

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