Life Nieblas has planted over 10,000 trees!


10000 trees

Life Nieblas team has recently achieved a significant milestone in their environmental restoration project in Gran Canaria. Over 10,000 trees have been planted at el Pinillo, including the four reforestation methods proposed; individual fog water collectors, AFDS, Traditional, and Cocoon. This means that the team has now reached half of their goal, which is to plant 20,000 trees to restore degraded areas at high risk of desertification.

Plantation progress is being monitored, with particular attention paid to their growth, survival, and size. A total of 13 different plant species have been planted, including brezo, laurel, acebiño, faya, palo blanco, barbusano, mocán, madroño, bencomia, follao, peralillo, tajinaste azul, cedro, and viñatigo.

Tree planting is an essential method for restoring degraded areas and reducing the risk of desertification. Life Nieblas team is proud to reach this milestone in their environmental restoration project. The team continues to monitor plants' growth and are continually planting new trees to achieve their goal of 20,000 trees and restoring 35 hectares of degraded land by 2024 in Gran Canaria.