Life Nieblas at the international summit ECOISLAS


Ecoislas Life Nieblas

The International Ecoislas Forum closed its first edition last week with more than 700 participants, 53 conferences and 74 speakers from seven different countries.

EcoIslas was an event organized by Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Life Nieblas and Infecar, where topics in transition to a greener, self-sufficient and ecologically responsible socio-economical model for the international community were discussed. 

Professionals from a wide variety of fields met to discuss and propose on different topics: 

- Circular Economy an Blue Economy 

- Energy, water and mobility

- Adaptation to climate change

- Regenerative Tourism

This event was a real success for Life Nieblas, because it allowed us to hold a presentation stand where the different models of our equipment were exposed. Hundreds of students and professionals could discover the restoration of habitats and the use of sustainable water resources offered by fog, minimizing greenhouse gases emissions. This event generated debate and encouraged discussion among all visitors.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to present the project during a sharing session with other European projects, it allowed the network of European projects to grow. These spaces have the potential to generate some new potential partners, and bring new initiatives to existence.

The main message of this fair is that a circular economy is an exceptional opportunity to move towards a more sustainable future, and to be part of the global climate goals while allowing regional and social development.