LIFE NIEBLAS participates in the monitoring meeting of LIFE PRIMED project


Life Primed

During the past 23rd and 24th of March, the technical director of LIFE NIEBLAS participated in the monitoring meeting of the LIFE PRIMED project, where he presented the preliminary results of the project and its potential for replication. Different entities, from universities to public administrations of Italy and Greece, participated in the meeting. There was great interest in the development of innovative fog collectors, as well as the different planting methodologies developed in LIFE NIEBLAS.

On the 25th, a field visit was organized to Mount Cairo, where a forest fire destroyed a Pinus nigra forest. This forest, indigenous to the area, was planted in the middle of the last century, and its destruction represents a serious risk for the scarce soils in the area, increasing the risk of desertification. Different Italian administrations will implement actions aimed at recovering the indigenous forests of the area, in order to restore natural habitats and improve local biodiversity.

However, they face the difficulty of the remote working area and the lack of infrastructure to bring water for maintenance work, which is why they have seen an opportunity in LIFE NIEBLAS to establish measures to achieve their objectives. From LIFE NIEBLAS, we have established mechanisms to transfer the knowledge acquired so that it can be replicated in this area of Italy. It is expected that in the coming autumn, the first innovative collectors will be installed experimentally on Mount Cairo to analyse their viability in this mountainous area of Italy