Life Nieblas welcomes RTVC team to discover innovative collectors


RTVC interview

Life Nieblas project continues to make progress with the development of innovative fog collectors. Recently, the project welcomed a team from RTVC (Radio Televisión Canaria) to showcase the latest innovations. During the visit, the project technician provided insights on the project's progress and improvements.

One of the key challenges of the project is to develop an innovative fog collector through laboratory experiments and the creation of a wind tunnel, thanks to the ICIA (Canary Islands Institute of Agrarian Research). The prototypes were then installed in the field to determine the most effective way to capture water from fog. These innovative collectors have many advantages over traditional ones. They are modular, lightweight, portable, require no foundation, and have lower cost.

Since their installation in September 2022, the i-FWC (innovative Fog Water Collector) has shown promising results in terms of their ability to capture water. However, the project will have to wait until its completion to confirm this improvement.

In conclusion, the visit from the RTVC team highlights the importance of Life Nieblas in developing innovative solutions to address environmental challenges. The i-FWC are a promising development that could have a significant impact in the future of sustainable development.

You can watch the full interview following the link below: