Life Programme Colaboration


Our colleague Gustavo, has gathered around a virtual 'round table' to discuss with our Life Programme colleagues from Life4Drylands the scale and posibilities of including remote sensing into the development checking processes for natural habitats and restoration projects. 

Not only Life-Nieblas looks into this possibility but also, Life4Drylands have taken notice of a previous Life project in Gran Canaria Life-Guguy . Together this group of technicians and scientists seek to improve remote sensing techniques to be adapted and efficiently implemented into natural habitats development obserbvation. 

Using satelital technology as a means of observation, the advantage of this technology is that anyone could potentially be aware of the lasncape evolution anywhere around the world in almost a live-streaming manner. This technology will also allow for the long-term visual record of processes that take place in restored natural areas.

We are very excited to be part of upcoming and 'a vanguard' technology application on the natural space and to see where this new opportunities take us.