Today is World Climate Day!


world climat day

26 March is World Climate Day, declared by the United Nations to raise awareness about the importance of climate change and its impact on people and their activities.

Climate is so essential that it influences all beings on Earth, as it determines the particular distribution of ecosystems and the existence of different environments in which plant, animal and human life develops. The actions carried out by Life Nieblas contribute to the fight against climate change (i.e. GHG emissions, erosion and desertification processes). They allow the conservation of the soil, the purification of the air and the availability of water. In addition, Life Nieblas supports the implementation of EU climate policy. The project tests and collects data on pilot low-carbon approaches that would contribute to climate change mitigation efforts

It is important to protect the forests we have, and not just today, as we commemorate World Climate Day, but all year round.