Conditioning works are on track!


Conditioning works carry on. This time with the digging of holes for future reforestation actions. Our field team are trained in undertaking works in all sorts of terrain that can be found in the natural environment.

Meanwhile, our colleagues at the nurseries have the seedlings ready to source us with all the plants variety proper from the Canary Islands' moteverde. For the right adaptation of these seedlings to the terrain, our field team has set up our own nursery where plants will be looked after until reforestation begins in October.

Our team is working tiredlessly to have all the acting zone ready for the reforestation season (the first of four) planned in Life-Nieblas, which will run from October 2021 till March 2022. This first reforestation phase will aim to plant around 5000 seedlings whitin the three reforestation methodologies that are being tested in this project.