Video & Audio

Throughout the development of the actions of our project we have made some images to assess the monitoring. Select one of the galleries to see its content:

  • Sandra, Carregal do Sal action area

    Our colleagues in Portugal are taking actions to recover their habitats and so they have taken in partners' role as first replicators of Life-Nieblas' project in an international scale. this collaboration brings to light the necessity of a global action when tackling environmental change issues. We will work together towards a greener and more sustainable future!!

  • Seedlings picking

    Seedling selection and nursery stock-up is a highly important part of the reforestation process. Our specialised team, works meticulously to only find the healthiest individuals that will become our forest of the future. They have an excellent ecology knowledge of our native species, where, how and when to get them is essential when replicating seeedlings at the nursery greenhouses.

  • Deutschland Tv takes notice of our project

    Recently, a German Tv has come to Gran Canaria to find out more about fog water collection techniques and why Life-Nieblas is following such method. 

  • Fog Water Collectors (FWC) introduction by Ricardo Gil

    Niebla Agua is the company in charge of building and installing the traditional Fog Water Collectors (FWC) and Ricardo explains a little more about the purpose of these artefacts.

  • Reforestation and Individual Fog Collectors

    Our team has started with some reforestation activities a few days ago.

    They tell us about the importance of fog water condensation and what the individual collectors do for the plants.

  • Field work begins!


    Today we talk to Mila, one of our specialist field workers. We hear more about her role and the acting zone in Gran Canaria 

  • Life-Nieblas opening

    Our Environmental Technician introduces the project in the action area at El Andén, Gran Canaria