Video & Audio

Throughout the development of the actions of our project we have made some images to assess the monitoring. Select one of the galleries to see its content:

  • Deutschland Tv takes notice of our project

    Recently, a German Tv has come to Gran Canaria to find out more about fog water collection techniques and why Life-Nieblas is following such method. 

  • Fog Water Collectors (FWC) introduction by Ricardo Gil

    Niebla Agua is the company in charge of building and installing the traditional Fog Water Collectors (FWC) and Ricardo explains a little more about the purpose of these artefacts.

  • Reforestation and Individual Fog Collectors

    Our team has started with some reforestation activities a few days ago.

    They tell us about the importance of fog water condensation and what the individual collectors do for the plants.

  • Field work begins!


    Today we talk to Mila, one of our specialist field workers. We hear more about her role and the acting zone in Gran Canaria 

  • Life-Nieblas opening

    Our Environmental Technician introduces the project in the action area at El Andén, Gran Canaria